Across Platform 2.1.1 released

The Across team
24 July 2018

This release upgrades several modules and related dependencies. Mostly bugfixes and security patches, with the addition of some minor features.


Upgrading from 2.1.0 should be seamless and we advise developers to do so when possible.

What's new

This section lists some of the more notable changes included in this release. Full details can be found in the release notes of the corresponding modules.

Spring Platform Brussels-SR11

Across Platform 2.1.1 upgrades the Spring Platform dependency to Brussels-SR11 which includes several security patches and third-party dependency updates.

Auto-configuration support

Auto-configuration support has been added for Spring Cloud OpenFeign and GraphQL starters.

BootstrapUiModule 2.1.0

New component has been added to make it easier to change the control names of generated form controls.

WebCmsModule 0.0.5

Fixes a bug where the use of double square brackets in text components got evaluated as Thymeleaf expressions.

OAuth2Module 2.0.1

Fixes a performance issue with the Hibernate mapping of the OAuth2Client entity. In a setup without caching performance would deteriorate exponentially for every client added.

EntityModule 3.1.0

  • EntityModule now uses evo-inflector to auto-generate plural forms, this should yield better results in English
  • it is now possible to customize the format of Auditable properties using message codes
  • several bugfixes and improvements related to EntityQuery and EQL filtering

DynamicFormsModule 0.0.1

Across Platform 2.1.1 is the first iteration that contains the Documents & Forms module. This is a new standard module that provides some services to define a custom document and have data entry/retrieval for those documents. It can be used as the basis for dynamic forms and simple data entry.

Version 0.0.1 is the first development version published. See the separate documentation section (work in progress) for more information on what you can do with it and how to use.

Release notes

Links to the different what's new sections of the updated modules:

Across Platform 2.1.1.RELEASE
Across Core & Web 3.1.0.RELEASE
Auto-configuration Support 1.0.1.RELEASE
BootstrapUiModule 2.1.0.RELEASE
WebCmsModule 0.0.5.RELEASE
SpringSecurityModule 3.0.2.RELEASE
OAuth2Module 2.0.1.RELEASE
EntityModule 3.1.0.RELEASE
DynamicFormsModule 0.0.1.RELEASE