Across platform 5.1 released

The Across team
07 December 2020

This release updates a number of standard modules with new features and a few bugfixes.


Upgrading from 5.0 should be seamless and we advise developers to do so when possible. Upgrading only individual modules might result in breaking changes and is not advised.

What's new

This section lists some of the more notable changes included in this release. Full details can be found in the release notes of the corresponding modules.

Across Platform and all Standard Modules

  • All unit tests have been migrated from Junit 4 to Junit 5.
  • All tests that use docker containers (cross database tests, solr, ...) have been migrated to use testcontainers.

Across Core & Web 5.1.0

  • Updated to Spring Boot 2.3.5. (Spring Boot 2.3 release notes)
  • Dependencies have been removed/updated where they were outdated.
  • Added support to make Lazy autowire candidate resolver work.

Across Auto Configure 2.1.0

  • Several downstream dependency updates for cassandra, elasticsearch, spring boot admin, graphql

Across Hibernate Module 4.1.0

  • The updated spring-data-commons dependency was updated, which requires changes in and PageRequest.of()
  • Lazy JPA repositories should now be supported. You can use DEFERRED and LAZY as bootstrap mode
  • BasicRevisionBasedRepository has been deprecated due to the deprecation of Session.createCriteria() in favor of BasicRevisionBasedJpaRepository
  • Support for complex DTOs with Dozer allowing deep cloning of more complex entities

Spring Security Module 4.1.0

  • Minor changes might be required if you use SwitchUserGrantedAuthority

Release notes

Links to the different what's new sections of the updated modules:

Across Platform 5.1.0.RELEASE
Across Core & Web 5.1.0.RELEASE
Across Auto Configure 2.1.0.RELEASE
AcrossHibernateModule 4.1.0.RELEASE
SpringSecurityModule 4.1.0.RELEASE