What are the dependencies of Across?

At its heart, Across only requires Spring Framework and Spring Boot for running applications. However, most of the provided functionality is aimed at web applications, so Spring MVC usually comes into play as well. When playing on the web, default modules setup Thymeleaf for server-side templating.

When using installers (which is a pretty common thing), a minimal RDBMS is required as well and Liquibase will be used for the default schema. All standard Across modules that require a RDBMS are tested on H2, HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, and MS SQL.

All third-party libraries used by Across are free, open source and backed by a large community.

Dependency versions

Across Platform Spring Framework Spring Boot
2.1.x 4.3.x 1.5.x
2.0.x 4.3x 1.4.x