What is the module descriptor?

The Across module descriptor represents the configuration for a single Across module. The module descriptor is a class extending AcrossModule. Settings are defined by implementing or overriding corresponding methods.

The module descriptor takes care of the following:

  • sets the unique name for the Across module;
  • defines the dependencies the module has on other modules using @AcrossDepends;
  • defines the resources key for the module: this unique key is used to search for resources owned by that module in the default locations;
  • describes how the ApplicationContext of the module should be configured (eg. where to scan for components, etc.);
  • describes where the module defines its installers and module extensions;
  • describes which components should be exposed.

Most modules use default settings and only its name, dependencies and resources key are modified. See the AcrossModule class for details on the overridable methods.

See the reference documentation on Creating an Across module for more information.