Across Platform

Across Platform is a set of curated dependencies and Across modules that play well together and help developers assemble applications. It is provided as a bill-of-material POM, extending the Spring IO platform BOM.

Across applications usually use the Across Platform BOM as a basis, to ensure that both third-party libraries as well as common Across modules are compatible.

Across Platform defines all dependencies required to run Across applications.  It contains the set of Standard Modules as well as some contributed modules.  If a contributed module is present in the Across Platform it should be mentioned on the module detail page.


Pre 5.0.0


5.0.0 and up


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5.1.3.RELEASE current Reference
5.1.2.RELEASE Reference
5.1.1.RELEASE Reference
5.1.0.RELEASE Reference
5.0.2.RELEASE Reference
5.0.1.RELEASE Reference
2.1.5.RELEASE Reference
2.1.4.RELEASE Reference
2.0.2.RELEASE Reference
1.1.3.RELEASE Reference

Standard modules

These modules are usually maintained by the Across core team.
They provide a common set of functionality that can be used as the foundation for your application. 

Access Control module

Provides infrastructure for managing ACLs with Spring Security.

Across Web

Activates Spring MVC support for all modules in your Across application.

Admin Web

Sets up a secured administration UI section on your application.


Contains configured meta information about the running application.

Bootstrap UI

Provides components for generating Bootstrap HTML markup from code.


Allows modules to define debug controllers and provides defaults for inspecting the application.

Documents and Forms

Enables users to manage custom documents and forms


Activates Ehcache cache management support and provides debug controllers to view and manage the cache.


Build or generate an administration UI to manage your entities.


Provides set of uniform services for managing files in different types of repositories.

Hibernate JPA module

Provides a shared EntityManager for other modules to use.

LDAP support

Provides services for integrating with LDAP directories.


Provides logging facilities for modules along with debug controllers for logging.


Activates Spring Security OAuth2 and adds a client domain model extending UserModule.


Provides services and facilities to manage collections of strong typed properties in a RDBMS.

Spring Security module

Allows modules to add security configuration.


Activates Spring Batch and supports jobs specified in other modules.


Integrates Spring mobile with device specific view resolving in an Across Web stack.


Provides a domain model for users, groups, roles and permissions.

Web Content Management

Provides basic Web CMS features, along with a simple administration UI.