Admin Web

The AdminWebModule provides infrastructure for building a secured administration section in your site. It sets up a default security layer with a form login, and provides a Bootstrap based layout for the UI.

Any module can provide one or more @AdminWebController components that make up the admin UI. These will automatically be detected and mapped behind the secured Admin Web section.

Several other modules modules automatically provide a management UI if AdminWebModule is present in the application.


The Admin Web dependency is present in Across Platform.


Module name: AdminWebModule

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Release overview

Release Documentation
4.1.0.RELEASE current Javadoc Reference
4.0.0.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
3.2.0 RELEASE Javadoc Reference
3.1.1.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
3.0.1.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
2.1.1.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
1.1.1.RELEASE Javadoc Reference

Dependency table

Version Across Core Across Platform
4.x 5.x 5.x
3.x 3.x 2.1.x
1.2.x  2.x 2.0.x
1.1.x 1.1.x  1.1.x