Provides OAuth2 related domain model and infrastructure using Spring security OAuth2 and the UserModule domain model.

Minimum requirements

  • DEPRECATED Across 1.0.6 for 1.0.0 release
  • DEPRECATED Across 1.1.0+ for 1.1.0 release
  • Across 2.0.0+ for 2.0.0 release
  • Across 5.x+ for 3.0.0 release 



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Release Documentation
3.0.0.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
3.1.0.RELEASE current Javadoc Reference
2.1.1.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
2.1.0.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
2.0.1.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
2.0.0.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
1.1.2.RELEASE Javadoc