Spring Security module

The SpringSecurityModule activates Spring security in the Across context and allows other modules to make use of the security infrastructure, as well as to make security configuration changes (eg. register additional security filters).

It also provides some additional infrastructure for custom security principals.

This module is required to work with Spring security in an Across application. It is a replacement for the Spring Boot security starter in an Across setup.


The SpringSecurityModule dependency is present in Across Platform.


Module name: SpringSecurityModule

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Release Documentation
4.1.0.RELEASE current Javadoc Reference
4.0.0.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
3.0.2.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
3.0.1.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
2.0.1.RELEASE Javadoc Reference
1.1.0.RELEASE Javadoc Reference

Dependency table

Version Across Core Across Platform
4.x 5.x 5.x
3.x 3.x 2.1.x
2.x  2.x 2.0.x
1.x 1.1.x+ 1.1.x